#6Star Award

Are You Our #6Star Driver?  


Introducing our #6Star Award

Every day, we receive countless stories from riders in Singapore about the exceptional ways drivers make their day. We're grateful and inspired by you, and your exceptional customer service – from returning lost items to helping those in need.

We’re thrilled to launch our #6Star Award where we nominate three top driver-partners based on rider feedback and award each of them $800 in appreciation for their focus on excellent customer service.

Click here to learn more from our list of 6-Star driver-partner winners!

How it Works 

Riders who experienced magical rides are invited to share their story through the rider app or on social media.

As a partner, you could be awarded with $800 if your story is selected. The rider who submitted the story will receive $300 worth of Uber credits. 

All partners who have a rating 4.65 and above will be eligible to participate. Keep making a difference on the roads and you might be this month's winner! 

Pro Tips 

Riders have shared various reasons why they give drivers 5-star ratings and we're here to share these tips with you, so you too can increase your ratings! 

1. Make their day by greeting them

Riders always feel good when you wish them "Good morning", ask them "How's your day?" or even "Is the air-con okay at the back?". Strike a conversation, and you could be on your way to earning a 5-star ride! 

2. Keep your car maintained

Riders always love entering a car that's well-maintained. So keep it clean; add an air freshener if you'd like! 

3. Drive safely and always obey traffic laws

Riders choose to ride with Uber because of its reliability and safety. It's always good to maintain your speed limit and stay alert on the road.