6 Star Driver

Celebrating the driver-partners who go the extra mile

They say an Uber ride simply takes you from point A to point B, but this month's 6-Star drivers went well above and beyond. From being a good listener to saving a life, these driver-partners have gone the extra mile to make their riders' day.

How are 6-Star drivers chosen?

From the hundreds of stories we receive from riders daily! From these, the top three driver-partners will earn a $800 reward.



With Peter, it's the smallest things that go a long way. He had started his day as per normal, and happened to pick up a rider who was quite upset. All Peter did was to provide a listening ear and turned the day around for the rider – this conversation was so impactful that the rider wrote in to commend him. Sometimes it's the little things that matter – thank you, Peter.


Steven went out of his way to make a memorable experience for someone who was not even his rider! Whilst waiting for a rider, another commuter entered Steven's car by accident and left a laptop bag. Steven found an address and drove all the way to return it – and now the rider is an Uber convert! Thank you for being so wonderful, Steven.


Heroes come in different forms, and some just happen to be Uber driver-partners. Randus was with a rider when he noticed that the rider was not looking well. Upon realising this, he immediately switched routes to get to the nearest hospital. Not only did Randus prevent a heart attack, he also saved a life. Thank you for such 6-Star service, Randus – we're honoured to have you as our 6-Star Driver.