6 Star Driver

Celebrating the driver-partners who go the extra mile

Our first batch of 6 Star Drivers is here! Meet Mohamed, Leong and Edwin, our driver-partners who went out of their way to create a memorable experience for their riders.

We are overwhelmed by the number of rider stories with received! This month, we’ve picked 3 stories that earned our riders $300 credits and our driver partners $800. Happy riders, happy drivers!

We’re excited to share their stories with you. Enjoy!


Lucinda, mother of two young children, was delighted when Mohamed was so proactive in helping her get her twins and their prams in and out of the car. Mohamed, being hearing impaired, even communicated with her in sign language and made her and her children feel at home on their Uber ride home. Congratulations on being a 6-Star Driver!


Edwin’s rider recalls him being extremely polite and welcoming, and stepped out of the car to help her daughter get in the car. He made the ride magical when he played nursery rhymes for her to sing along to during the journey. When the ride was complete, he even handed her stickers to play with! Thank you for being a 6-Star Driver, Edwin!


When Leong realised that his rider lived in an area with high haze levels, he took the effort to drop her off at her doorstep, despite the rider saying it was okay to drop her off at the lobby. But that's not all, he even provided her with mineral water and haze masks for her and her friend! Keep up the 6 Star Driving, Leong! Congratulations!