6 Star Driver

Celebrating the driver-partners who go the extra mile

They say an Uber ride simply takes you from point A to point B, but these 6-Star drivers went well above and beyond. From being a good listener to saving a life, these driver-partners have gone the extra mile to make their riders' day.

How are 6-Star drivers chosen? 

From the hundreds of stories we receive from riders daily! From these, the top three driver-partners every month will earn a $800 reward.


Michelle's 4.84-average rating is a true testament of her service towards riders. Warm, personable and often described as motherly, her trips have often been a refuge against the weather for Michelle's riders. She provides water for them, and entertains them with positive stories to brighten up their day. Thank you for being so great, Michelle, and for showing us that it does not take much to change a frown into a smile.


Don't be fooled by the rock n' roll hairstyle; Johar is one of the sweetest driver-partners ever. Despite having weak legs, Johar makes sure his riders receive adequate help when loading heavy items, and he has also been known to give excellent suggestions for musical instruments and equipment – thanks to his love for music. Thank you for always going the extra mile, Johar.



Our very first Driver Ambassador is also this month's 6-Star driver-partner! Mr Tay Kim Seng, also affectionately known as Mr Tay, has a simple philosophy: give the very best you can give to your riders. This can be as easy as opening the door when they board the car, and making sure to remain positive. Thank you for being so gracious and inspiring, Mr Tay.



With Peter, it's the smallest things that go a long way. He had started his day as per normal, and happened to pick up a rider who was quite upset. All Peter did was to provide a listening ear and turned the day around for the rider – this conversation was so impactful that the rider wrote in to commend him. Sometimes it's the little things that matter – thank you, Peter.


Heroes come in different forms, and some just happen to be Uber driver-partners. Randus was with a rider when he noticed that the rider was not looking well. Upon realising this, he immediately switched routes to get to the nearest hospital. Not only did Randus prevent a heart attack, he also saved a life. Thank you for such 6-Star service, Randus – we're honoured to have you as our 6-Star Driver.


Steven went out of his way to make a memorable experience for someone who was not even his rider! Whilst waiting for a rider, another commuter entered Steven's car by accident and left a laptop bag. Steven found an address and drove all the way to return it – and now the rider is an Uber convert! Thank you for being so wonderful, Steven.



When Leong realized that his rider lived in an area with high haze levels, he took the effort to drop her off at her doorstep, despite the rider saying it was okay to drop her off at the lobby. But that’s not all, he even provided her with mineral water and haze masks for her and her friend!


Edwin’s rider recalls him being extremely polite and welcoming when he stepped out of the car to help her child get in. She was pleasantly surprised when he played nursery rhymes for her daughter to sing along to during the journey. When the ride was complete, he even handed her stickers to keep!






Lucinda, a mother of two young children, was delighted when Mohamed was extremely proactive in helping her get her twins and their prams in and out of the car. When her story was chosen, she was happy to share a picture of the happy family with us. She recalls how Mohamed, being hearing impaired, even communicated with her in sign language and made her family safe on their Uber ride.