Q: Why does the cash screen sometimes show an amount that is less than the fare? (For example, $0?)

A: Sometimes riders have promo codes that reduce their fare amount, which means that you are asked to collect less than the fare in cash. Not to worry – in these cases Uber still pays you the full fare by crediting your account during the next pay statement. Just remember to collect the amount shown on the green screen!

Q: Why does the cash screen sometimes show an amount that is more than the fare?

A: At times riders owe fares from previous cash trips. If this is the case with your rider, the amount on the cash screen will be the fare PLUS the extra amount owed by the rider. You will still be paid the usual fare.

Q: If a rider cancels a trip more than 5 minutes after I accept the request and the rider selected Cash to pay, do I receive a cancellation fee?

A: Yes! Normal cancellation fee policies apply with cash payments. These cancellation fees will show up on your payment statement.


  • Only collect what is shown on the GREEN SCREEN!

  • If there is any shortfall, Uber will pay you directly during your next payment cycle (e.g. rider using promo free ride / cancellation fees when rider cancels).

If you encounter any issue, please go to and we'll contact you to resolve the issue.