Cash Pilot Program


Starting April 2016, Uber will be giving certain riders the option to pay for their rides in cash. As a driver, this means more riders, more trips and more earnings! Please check the driving training video here to know more about how to accept cash trips. 



Q: What does it mean for me?  

A: The ability to collect cash will give you access to more customers in Singapore! In addition, you can use the cash you receive to pay for things like gas at the end of each day! 

Q: When can riders start paying cash? 

A: As we are just testing cash in Singapore, only a certain group of riders will have access to this option. Riders can start paying in cash in the next few weeks. Please wait for further announcement. 

Q: Can I opt out from getting cash trips? Can I choose to get cash trips? 

A: At the moment, no. We're still exploring cash an option in order to give riders like you more riders, more trips and more earnings! While we understand that this may be a concern for you, we always put the safety of our riders and our drivers in mind. 

Q: Does this mean that Uber will only be accepting Cash from now on? 

A: No, we are still accepting credit cards as a payment option. Again, Cash will only  be available as a payment option for a select group of riders and this is being rolled out as a test. Remember that if the Trip Fare Box is NOT green, then please do NOT collect cash. You should only collect ash if the Trip Fare box is GREEN. 

Q: How do we remit our cash? 

A: There will be no need to remit cash to Uber and you'll get to keep all of the cash that you collect. The Uber Service Fee from all of your cash trips would simply be deducted from the non-cash trips on your next payment statement. 

Q: Do I have to give change? 

A: As it is the driver's responsibility to collect cash, it is also their responsibility to provide the amount of change. You should ALWAYS have enough cash on hand to always give the correct amount of change for your cash trips. 

Q: Who should pay for the tolls on a cash trip? 

A: The drivers should still pay for the tolls during the trip as the final fare that will be shown to the rider will already include the toll that was just paid. 

Q: I have questions. How can I reach UBER? 

A: You can reach us at or call 31572242.

Q: What do I do if I don't have enough change? 

A: You should always carry enough change for your trip fares. We recommend you have the following: 

  • 2 pcs of $50 bills 
  • 5 pcs of $10 bills 
  • 10 pcs of $1 coins
  • 10 pcs of $0.50 coins
  • 10 pcs of $0.20 coins 
  • 10 pcs of $0.10 coins

Q: What do I do if my passenger realises he doesn't have enough cash to pay for his fare? 

A: If your passenger realises he doesn't have enough cash on hand to pay for the trip, you can always stop for a short time at the nearest ATM to allow them to withdraw enough money to pay for the ride.

If you encounter any issue, please write to and we'll contact you to resolve the issue.