Vehicle Documents

Here are all the documents you require to start delivering with UberEATS

Riding with UberEATS is easy. All you need to do is: sign up, get activated and start riding!

In order to get activated, you need to submit the following documents:

Once all of the documents are approved, your account will be activated. And once your account is activated, you can immediately start riding and earning!

To save time, please ensure that you upload the right documents. If you are not sure what the documents look like, please read the guides below:

1. SGP NRIC & Driver's License Front

  • Please only upload either pink or blue ICs. Other ICs will not be accepted.
  • Please make sure that the Date of Birth and the NRIC number is clear


2. SGP NRIC & Driver's License Back

Please take a photo of the back of your NRIC and Driver's License (Your photo should look exactly like the image on the right)

  • Please only upload both Singapore Driving License. Only Class 2/2A/2B Driving Licenses are accepted.

  • Please make sure that the Date of Issue is clear

3. LTA vehicle log

Your photo should look similar to the image on the right.

How to get this document?
Go to -> e-services -> online enquiries -> vehicle transfer fee
Take a screenshot and upload it.


4. Proof of motorbike insurance


To drive with UberEATS, your motorbike needs to be insured. 
Please upload the correct certificate of insurance - MOTORBIKE INSURANCE (see the pic on the right).

TIP: Remember to make sure that the registration number of vehicle on your certificate of insurance matches the one in your vehicle log!

5. Motorcycle license plate

Upload a photo of your motor bike’s number plate. Please ensure the motorbike license plate number is clearly visible.

6. Commercial Insurance

To drive with UberEATS we require partners to be covered under commercial insurance. Please upload a cover letter as shown to certify that your vehicle is covered. 

*Note: Commercial insurance & Personal insurance are two different documents. Please upload one of each