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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is an 'Incentive'?
Incentives are payments offered to Uber partners to encourage them to drive on the Uber system when i) riders need them most and ii) when they will make the most money.  Basically - drive more, earn more. 

What trips are eligible for these incentives?
All uberX, uberPOOL and uberXL trips are eligible for these incentives.

Who is eligible for these incentives?

All active partners who have completed at least one uberX/uberPOOL trip in the last 8 weeks, will be eligible for incentives.

If I am a new driver, how do I get these incentives?

As a new driver, you shall see you in-app incentives in 24 hours after activation. Remember to complete your 1st trip in your starting week to continue receiving the in-app incentives. 

When do I receive my incentive payments?

 Incentive payments will be processed as per usual on Monday. However, you'll be able to see your incentives earnings in-app immediately after every trip!

How frequently are new incentives offered ?

From October, incentives shall be offered twice every week: 

1. Weekday incentives: Monday 4am - Friday 3:59am

2. Weekend incentives: Friday 4am - Monday 3:59am

What is Earnings Boost?

Earnings Boost is our new incentive that multiplies your trip fare by a GUARANTEED BOOST for all trips within a specified hotspot during specified times.

Are there any T&Cs for 'Earnings Boost'? E.g. TPH, Acceptance rate, Completion rate requirements?

For Earnings Boost, there are typically no qualification requirements. As long as a trip was requested within an Boost zone and on a uberX/uberPOOL trip, you will be eligible for the Boost! Trips per hour, completion rate and acceptance rate are not used for most Earnings Boost incentives. 

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is an area with high demand that has a guaranteed Boost for trips that start within the area. A hotspot will be indicated with a red border on the map (see below).

What is the timing on 'Earnings Boost' based on? Is the multiplier I get based on the time that I accepted the trip or when the rider requested for the trip?

The Earnings Boost is based on the time and location the rider requested the trip.

When will I know my Boost incentive and hotspots?

After receiving the incentive email/SMS, open your app. Go to the Promotions Hub in the Earnings tab. You can view ALL your promotions in one spot. Click on the individual incentive for more details. 

Is service fee applied on the Boost incentive?

No, the Boost amount is EXEMPT FROM SERVICE FEE.

Here's an example of Boost without surge (normal 1x).

TRIP 1: Surge 1x     Boost 3x

Trip Fare: $10 

Uber Fee: -$2

Boost: $20 (3x - 1x)

Total fare: $28

What if the hotspot is surging?

If surge is greater than the guaranteed Boost, you will always receive the HIGHER AMOUNT.

Here is an example:

TRIP 2: Surge 1.2x     Boost 3x

Trip Fare: $12 (inclusive of 1.2x surge)

Uber Fee: -$2.4

Boost: $18 (3x - 1.2x)      Top up since Boost is higher than surge

Total fare: $27.6

TRIP 3: Surge 4x       Boost 3x

Trip fare: $25 (inclusive of 4x)

Uber Fee: -$5

Boost: $0                        No Boost since Surge is higher than Boost

Total fare: $20         

What if my matched POOL trip has riders from two different hotspots?

For POOL trips that begin in different hotspots, the Boost applied on each trip would depend on the hotspot from where the trip was requested.


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