Evening Rush Hour!

Right Place, Right Time for 2X!

This Monday, 26 Sep 7pm - 9pm, accept all trips requested in the highlighted area of the map below and enjoy 2X GUARANTEED SURGE!


Offer lasts only from 7pm - 9pm!

Use incentive ID SGRUSH2 for reference it in any support inquiries.

If trip surge is higher than the guaranteed amount, you will always received the highest amount!

Scroll down below to understand better how this offer works!

How does it work?

EXAMPLE 1: Complete a trip requested from Shenton Way at 7:45 PM.

Trip fare with a surge at 1.2x? - we will top up to 2x surge! You get 0.8x (2x less 1.2x) EXTRA!


EXAMPLE 2: Complete a trip requested from Bukit Merah at 7:50 PM.

Even though the trip was requested within the promotion time, it was requested outside the promotion area, no incentive applicable!


EXAMPLE 3: Complete a trip requested from Shenton Way at 10:15 PM.

Trip requested is after the promotion time, no incentive applicable!


EXAMPLE 4: Complete a trip requested from Shenton Way at 8:10 PM.

Trip fare with a surge at 3x? You will receive the highest number between surge and the guaranteed amount. Since the trip surge of 3x is greater than guaranteed amount of 2x, no additional incentive applicable.