Need Help With An Issue?

Watch this short video about using the in-app support feature.

The Uber Partner app comes with an in-app support feature for when you need your questions answered.

In-App Support

The easiest way to get support is directly within your app.  You can access anything from your account information, profile and vehicle information, to Payment and Trips!  Follow these easy steps to get help in-app. 

From the app home screen, go to ACCOUNT then select HELP.

Choose a topic to get more detailed support/




  • Add a vehicle
  • Update license plate
  • Update vehicle details
  • Update vehicle documents


  • Report technical issues with the app
  • Using your own device
  • Deaf and HOH Partner Settings
  • Submit Partner App suggestions

How to Use Uber

  • Fees and rates
  • How ratings are calculated
  • How acceptance rates are calculated
  • Code of Conduct


  • Did you have an issue on a recent trip? 

See below for more information on reporting an issue on a specific trip. 


  • View payment statements
  • Report an issue with a payment
  • Update banking information
  • Driver or rider referral questions


  • Reset your password
  • Update profile information
  • Update profile photo

Trip Issues

If you have an issue on a trip, you can submit a help request from your trip history.  Submitting an issue directly from the app allows our support team to get you help faster!  Follow the steps outlined below to submit a help request from your Uber Partner App. 

Select TRIPS from the HELP menu, then select which trip you need help with.

Select your issue type. Depending on your choice, you may be asked for more information. Enter as many details as you can so we can resolve your issue quickly!

Online Support 

Explore additional topics and get answers to frequently asked questions below!