New App Feature : uberPOOL

Starting Monday 5 September, new uberPOOL riders will be automatically added to your POOL trip so you can focus on driving your riders. Look out for the ‘New Rider Added’ message while on a trip.

We recommend that you use the Uber in-app navigation for uberPOOL trips to ensure smooth directions as your riders are picked up and dropped off.



How It Works

  • Confirm the first uberPOOL rider. Navigate to your first pickup as you normally would.
  • Always follow the Uber Partner App navigation to each of your rider’s pickup and drop off locations.
  • For each new rider that is added to the trip, your route and suggested directions will be updated automatically. Your Uber Partner App will notify you with a banner on your screen and a sound.

PRO TIP: Need to get offline after the current trip? You can press the "Stop New Requests" button in your trip itinerary page. This will ensure you go offline after your current trip.

We thank you for your support and we are constantly working to make your uberPOOL experience better on the roads!

Any issues? Write to us at or from the help section of your app.