New Joiner Special

Curious about driving for Uber or have a friend who's not currently driving with Uber and either renting or driving his own car? You two can easily earn up to $2,600 CASH together!

Qualifying is simple! All that's needed is:

  • Valid driver's license/NRIC
  • Valid commercial insurance
  • Proof of history with another ride-sharing app (at least 10 trips done each week in the last 4 weeks
  • Driver is new with Uber or has been inactive for at least 90 days

Registering for this incentive is simple:

1. Visit UberHUB at 29 Paya Lebar Road #01-03 with driver license/NRIC and commercial insurance in hand

2. Register at the counter and mention that you're registering for the "New Joiner Special"

3. Show proof of history with another ride-sharing app

4. If eligible, your account will be activated and you will be able to begin driving! 

*The Weekly Incentives are valid for 4 weeks can be achieved up to 4 times. Commissions are not taken from these incentives, and trips will only begin to qualify upon the first Monday after account activation. 80% AR (acceptance rate) must be maintained.

For the first trip sign-on reward, the first trip must be completed within 7 days of activation and payment processing will occur on the first Monday after activation.

Destination trips are excluded from this incentive. 


Terms and Conditions

  • Trips must be made by the driver within 28 days (4 complete weeks) upon the first Monday after account activation.
  • Qualifying trips are recorded from 4AM Monday to Monday at 4AM.
  • Private cars who participate in this New Joiner Special incentive cannot participate in the private car incentive.
  • Individuals driving with cars rented from Lion City Rentals, Smove, and Tribecar, are not eligible.
  • If a driver has participated in the New Joiner Special before, he may not participate a second time.