"Private Car Conversion is now so simple!"

What is UBER One Stop Shop service? 

With Uber One Stop Shop solution, we’ll help take care of your private car conversion needs. We’ll help you find the best insurance and refinancing quote while saving you the hassle of talking to different insurance and refinancing partners!

It's really simple!

1. You give us the documents. 
2. We'll collect quotes from our insurance and refinancing partners. 
3. We'll then get back to you within 24 hours with some quotes from them. 

This service is free-of-charge and obligation-free! You are not obliged to take insurance or refinancing packages that don’t suit your needs - you have full control!


What documents do I need to submit? 

  • NRIC

  • Driving License

  • Vehicle Log

  • Income Statement (past 2 years) or CPF statement (past 1 year)

  • ACRA

Who is eligible for this service?


With this one stop shop service, is Uber running an insurance or refinancing business now?

No. Uber is not an insurance broker/ agent or refinancier. We're merely collecting the quotes from a broker or agent partner and passing them to you. 

If there is an issue with my insurance or refinancing, who should I talk to?

You can contact your insurance partners and refinancing directly.

Upon receiving the quotes, am I still allowed to say no?

Absolutely. The choice of insurer and refinancier remains entirely in your hands.

The Uber Private Car One Stop Shop is located at Uber Partner Support Centre. 

Address: 18 Sin Ming Lane, Mid View City #01-14

Operating Hours: Mon - Fri: 10AM-6PM
Email: raquelfpm@uber.com