Drive Your Own Car

Earn more driving your own car!


Minimum Age & Citizenship: 21 years old, Singaporean /SPR
Valid Driving License: issued for at least a year
4-Door Vehicle
Vehicle Log: Z10/Z11
Commercial Insurance
Acra Business Profile (Code 49219)

How to Use Your Own Car for Uber

Step 1: Register a Sole Proprietorship

As an Uber partner with your own car, you'll need a business profile in order for Uber to pay you. Registering a business is simple and should take you less than 30 minutes. Registration can be done online at – select business activity code 49219. Uber will reimburse you in full.


Step 2: Purchase Commercial Insurance

All vehicles on Uber are commercially insured; this is to ensure protection for both you and the rider should there be accidents. We've partnered with a few insurance companies to ensure the most competitive rates for you.

Please reach out to these preferred insurance partners to obtain commercial insurance on your vehicle.


Email Tel: 6288 8622/ 8588 1688
Email Tel: 96185842
Email Tel: 96185842
Email Tel: 96185842  

Quotes from NTUC, AXA and Liberty can be obtained from the AON desk at our Partner Support Centre at UberHUB.

Note: You may use any insurance provider you'd like, as long as its coverage provides commercial insurance for your vehicle.


Step 3: Vehicle Conversion

Convert your vehicle from P10/P11 to Z10/Z11 at LTA. Do remember to bring along your ACRA, commercial insurance and company stampThe stamp that you make must include your registered company name and ACRA number.

LTA is located at: 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701.


Step 4: Activation

Once you're done with the other steps, all you need to do is get activated! Activation is free and immediate. Bring along these documents to our Partner Support Centre at UberHUB:

  1. NRIC
  2. Driving license
  3. Vehicle log card showing Z10/Z11 classification
  4. Commercial insurance certificate
  5. ACRA business profile showing 49219


Optional Step: If you still have Financing on your Car

If your vehicle is currently under financing, you may need to refinance your car loan in order to convert it to Z10 or Z11 registration. Uber's preferred refinancing partners can help! 

Both Index Credit and UOB are stationed at our office from Monday to Friday. Stop by and have all your questions answered!
Email Tel:  9320 4001 Stationed at the PSC from Mon - Fri, 10am - 2pm
Li Ying (Ms)  Tel: 97894772
Email Tel:  8100 7338/6424 6793 Stationed at the PSC from Mon - Fri, 12pm - 2pm