Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence

22nd Dec, 2016


Attention all Uber Singapore Partners:

On 22nd Dec, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced its new Private Hire Vocational Licensing (PHVL) regulations that impacts all driver-partners on ride-sharing platforms. Uber supports the LTA’s intention to improve the ridesharing industry and welcomes the PHVL regulations as a way to achieve this shared objective.

We are making every effort to ensure that the transition is efficient with the least amount of time and financial burden. More details on Uber's efforts to smoother the PHVL application process to follow.

For more on the PHVL, read below:


Application Process

Step 1: Application form (Cost: $40)

  • Signed application form submitted to LTA office in person or via mail. 
  • Supporting documents needed: Recent photograph and copy of driver's licence

Step 2: Background Check

  • LTA to conduct background check for all applicants

Step 3: Medical Check up (Cost: $25 - $50)

  • General health checkup conducted by GP to ascertain medical history and well being of all applicants

Step 4: Training (Cost: $250 + GST)

  • Singapore Taxi Academy (STA) to conduct training for all applicants
  • Classroom training session lasting 8 hours

Step 5: Test (Cost: $5/test + $10 admin fee)

  • After the training, STA will conduct a test based on the content taught during the training


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did I receive this notice?

A: You received this notice as a valued partner of Uber. We want to ensure all of our partners are aware of the new licensing requirements imposed by LTA.

Q: What is the Private Hire Car Vehicle Licence? 

A: All current drivers-partners who wish to continue driving on ride-sharing platforms such a Uber are required to apply for and obtain a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL). Private hire cars used to provide services will need to be registered with LTA, and drivers are required to display their PDVL's and a tamper-evident decal prominently.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for PDVL?

A: All current drivers-partners must hold a Car 3/3A driving licence with at least 2 years driving licence prior to applying for PDVL.

Q: What if I'm a Taxi Vocational Driver's Licence (TDVL) holder?

A: If you are a TDVL holder, you are exempt from a PDVL. You can continue driving on Uber without any issues.

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