More riders, more trips, and more efficiency on the road.

What is uberPOOL?

Introducing uberPOOL - a new transportation option that allows you to pick up and drop off multiple riders going in the same direction. With this new service, you'll be part of the movement to move Singapore with fewer cars.

Why uberPOOL?

Y    You get to:  

  • Achieve more trips - Every pick-up is considered a trip, even if your riders are sharing a route. If you pick up three riders on the same way, you achieve three trips, minimising the downtime on the road. 

  • Save fuel - Going along the same route instead of going to multiple locations will save you petrol costs.

  • Enjoy better earning opportunities - every unmatched uberPOOL trip – meaning you're left with one rider going from point A to point B – will get you 10% service fee. This trip with only one rider also essentially becomes an uberX trip, where the service fee is 20%. In total, you'll get 30% for every unmatched pool trip. 

Here is an example:  

You pick up Rider A from Clementi heading to Holland Village. While at Dover, you get a request by another rider heading the same way, towards Orchard. Your route will be as such: you will drop off rider A at Holland Village after picking up rider B, and then continue your journey with rider B to Orchard. That's two trips! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

uberPOOL basics

uberPOOL will be available for the uberX product only. If your vehicle receives uberX requests, it will also get uberPOOL requests.

What vehicles will receive uberPOOL requests?


Drivers cannot opt out from uberPOOL. Riders, on the other hand, are completely free to request for an uberPOOL or uberX ride depending on their need.

Can a driver or rider opt out from uberPOOL?

The maximum number of riders you can take in a single pick-up is two. When riders request uberPOOL, they must input how many people are being picked up.

What is the maximum number of riders that I can accept in a single uberPOOL pick-up?

Am I allowed to accept more than two trips on uberPOOL?



Yes! The beauty of uberPOOL is that multiple riders can share a trip. If a request comes in while you already have a rider in your vehicle, you will have to accept the trip without having to ask other passengers.

How are tolls calculated in an uberPOOL trip?


All tolls incurred during trips will be added onto your fare. Riders will pay for their own tolls if they ride by themselves, or split them equally if they uberPOOL with someone else.

You will be alerted in the app after each drop-off if a rider chooses to pay by cash. If a rider pays by credit card, no action is required from you!

What if I have a rider paying in cash and another rider paying by credit card?

Will I get a different rating from each rider?

Yes, every rider will be able to give different ratings.

Yes, uberPOOL cancellations (rider or driver) count for the completion rate requirements.

How do uberPOOL cancellations work? Do they count for completion rate?

App Help

Driver Destinations will still work for uberPOOL trips.

What happens with Driver Destinations during uberPOOL trips?

You will not receive trip requests while on an uberPOOL trip. However, if you are on uberX, you'll be able to receive new requests while still being on a trip.

When using uberX, I usually receive trip requests while still being on one. Will I also receive requests on uberPool?


Your safety and welfare are our priorities! If you need a break, please remember you can always cancel the trip and/or go offline if needed.

If the trip request keeps coming in, does it mean drivers cannot go offline? What if I want to take a break?

Occasionally, poor GPS signal may result in you getting a trip request which requires you to make a very large detour. In cases like these, you can

a) Call the rider to explain that GPS issues mean you have to cancel his trip, or

b) Explain to passenger in the car that his trip may be delayed to pick up this rider. 

In either case, you can use your best judgement on what to do. Please feel free to submit a support request if you feel your cancellation rate is affected due to such trips.

What if I pick up the first rider and another request comes in when we’re at the expressway?

Other Questions

Yes, all riders are required to enter the pick-up and drop-off locations when requesting uberPOOL to ensure we find the best matches and make it an efficient trip!

Are riders required to enter the final destination of their trip?

Riders who choose uberPOOL trips should already be aware that they will be sharing a ride with another person and should be willing to wait. A rider who’s rushing should not be opting for an uberPOOL trip. PRO TIP: Before picking up a rider, you can confirm with them that this is an uberPOOL trip, and that they might be sharing their ride with someone else.

What if the first rider doesn't want to share his ride or forces me to cancel on the second rider’s request?

Keep calm and remain professional. Remember, you can always cancel on the rider’s trip they’re giving you or the other rider much problems. But don’t worry – uberPOOL is present in many countries and generally riders will behave better when they're sharing a ride with someone else. Please feel free to submit a support request if you encounter trips like these.

What if the riders are unhappy with one another and quarrelling? How should I handle such conflicts?

You can manually end trips by going to the checklist icon and clicking "end trip” or "cancel" for a rider that needs to exit the vehicle. This feature should be used in a LIMITED way – only during emergencies or when all riders agree on the pick-up/drop-off order.

What happens if the second rider scheduled to drop off must leave the car first?


The 2-minute waiting policy is a guideline that Uber sets for all riders. Because uberPOOL trips can involve multiple riders, inconsiderate behaviour by anyone will affect the trip experience of other riders. The policy is a guideline to riders, so that they know they should not make you wait. Should they take longer than 2 minutes to enter your car, please use your best judgement as to whether or not to cancel the trip. It is always best to give the riders a call after about a minute of waiting. Riders will be charged a cancellation fee if their ride is cancelled due to prolonged wait.

The 2-minute waiting policy is too difficult to adhere too! It is unlikely that all riders will get into the car on time!

If the pick-up location is not ideal or giving you problems, please cancel the trip and continue with your journey.

What if we cannot wait at the pick up location? Can drivers cancel the request and move on?

No. Riders are not allowed to change or add destinations in the middle of the journey. They are also not allowed to pick up any additional riders.

Are riders able to change their destinations?

You can reach us at the Uber Partner Hotline at 800-101-3577.