Drive A Rental Car

Rent a car and start earning!

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Age: 21
Citizenship: Singaporean/SPR
Valid Class 3/3A Driving License: issued for at least a year

How to Drive with Uber

Step 1: Start Shopping

No car? No problem! Rent from our Uber-affiliated partner, Lion City Rentals to get the best deal in town - with low $500 deposit, short 4-week deals, and guaranteed lowest rental rates Singapore-wide!

For commitment-free hourly rentals, visit UberFLEX Club.

For other options, check out our Uber Marketplace! 

Step 2: Activation

Once you've got your rental car, your next step is to head down to our Partner Support Centre at UberHUB. 

Activation is free and immediate. Documents to bring are:

  1. NRIC
  2. Driving License
  3. Vehicle Log Card: Z10/Z11 classification - provided by your rental car company
  4. Commercial Insurance Certificate – provided by your rental car company