Uber 101: Start Here

Learn all about Uber, starting with the basics.
Using the Uber Partner App

The Uber Partner App instantly connects you with thousands of people who are looking for a ride! Watch this short video to learn how to use the application.

Learn How to Contact your Rider

Uber works without a phone call or text, but for times you need to contact your rider - this video teaches you how!

Need Help With An Issue?

Watch this short video about using the in-app support feature.

Make More $ During Times of High Demand

Watch this video to learn about surge and heat maps!


Ratings are a two-way street.

Here is what riders say they like to see.

Getting Paid

Watch this short video about payments on the Uber system. Click the link below for more information about how your earnings are calculated.


Uber is Committed to Safety

Watch this short video on safety while on the Uber platform!


Refer Partner Driver

Earn when you refer a new Uber partner driver