Rider Referral Program

Here's how you can make extra money when you invite friends and family to ride Uber

Earn $5 By Inviting Others to Ride Uber! 

At Uber, we love offering driver-partners new ways to increase their profits. 

You can invite friends and family to ride on Uber for free (up to $10) and get $5 per referral. What more? Win an additional $1,000 every week if you referred the most people that week!

The more people you introduce to Uber, the more requests you'll get and the more money you'll make!  Refer more to increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You'd need at least five successful referrals in the week to qualify (Monday – Sunday).

  • The riders should have taken their first trip within the week of sign-up.

  • The more you refer, the higher the chances of you winning.

  • The top three winners will be announced weekly on Fridays.

  • The money will be credited into your next weekly statement cycle. 

  • The rider receives $10 Uber credits off their first ride. If the ride costs more, it will be charged to their credit card or will be asked to pay the remaining fare in cash.

Invite New Riders

This program applies to those who are new to Uber. This means they should not have an existing Uber account. 

If the promo code does not work, it means the rider: 

  • has already completed an Uber trip, or  
  • has already started an Uber trip.

If this happens, the code will not apply and you will not be eligible to receive $5. They will also not receive a free trips. 

TAKE NOTE: This promotion only applies to new riders. 

Four Easy Steps to Invite 

Inviting riders is the same way as inviting drivers. 

Step 1: Open your Partners app and select the EARNINGS tab.

Step 2: Tap on INVITES.

Step 3: Select COPY INVITE CODE and share it with your invitee.

Step 4: Share your code via Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook, or better yet, in person!  


Invitee: Three Easy Steps to Sign Up 


Help your invitee get started by sharing these following steps:

Step 1: Download the Uber app from the App store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).

Step 2: Include your promo code by going into the Promotions tab before they request their first trip. 

Note: If the rider has already started the trip, it is not possible to apply the code and you will not be able to receive your $5. 


Getting Paid

Once your invitee successfully signs up and takes their first ride, your $5 will be credited into your next weekly statement cycle. The quicker you refer and encourage your invitee to ride, the faster you get to enjoy your referral amount!

Pro Tips 

Pro Tip #1: Start inviting friends and family

  • Share what Uber is about.
  • Help them download the app.
  • Share how they can enjoy a free ride worth $10 -  that's a free ride to school, work or a weekend outing!

Pro Tip #2: Chat with riders who are in groups of three or more

  • Groups usually have at least one person who does not use Uber.
  • Offer your promotion card (pick up from UberHUB) and gift them a free ride worth $10! 
  • This could even help you get a 5-star trip! 

Useful Phrases: 

  • "Have you taken your first Uber ride? If not, I can give you your first ride free!"
  • "You can use it when you head home from the MRT."
  • "Save on your ride when you head home after late night drinks!"
  • "You can sign up without a credit card. You can now pay with cash on Uber!" 

Pro Tip #3: Share your code via social media

  • Share your code all over your own social media account - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!
    Note: First time riders obtained through posting codes on daily deal sites, or through paid advertisements on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Google will not be eligible for earnings – they have to use your code.

Pro Tip #4: Don't be shy – share it with everyone

  • As a driver-partner, you can strike up conversations with people you meet and share about Uber. Always keep your cards with you as you never know who you'll meet! 
  • Share with people you meet at restaurants, hotels, auto repair shops, etc. The possibility is endless.