Safe Driving Alerts

Making driving safer and smoother

Thanks to our partners for keeping our roads safe with your attentive driving!

Your safety is our priority! So to help you be even more vigilant on the road, we have updated the partner app so you can see helpful stats and reminders based on your past trips. 

Please note, we are rolling out this new feature in batches and you are one of the lucky ones to test it out first!

To provide smoother and safer rides you can now see in-app driving stats on braking and accelerations and get reminders:

  • When your speed is excessive
  • To recharge if you’re feeling tired
  • To use a phone mount if you’re not already doing so

Watch out for Daily Driving Reports on your driving patterns and get suggestions on how to drive safer.

Keep yourselves and riders safe by for doing your part to help us keep Singapore accident free.