Private Car Partners


It's EASY to use your own car to drive with Uber! 

All vehicles on Uber are commercially insured, this is to provide both you and riders the protection should any accident happen. Here at Uber, we have partnered with a few insurance companies to ensure the most competitive rates for our partners. 

Please reach out to our Preferred Insurance Partners at our Partner Support Centre (50 Ubi Avenue 3, Frontier #01-12 S408866) to obtain commercial insurance on your vehicle.

Quotes from Autoshield can be obtained from: 

Tel: 8588 1688


Quotes from NTUC, AXA, Liberty can be obtained from the AON desk. Contact details: 

Tel: 96185842


Note: You may use any insurance provider for your vehicle as long as coverage provides commercial insurance for your vehicle.


If your vehicle is currently under financing, you may need to refinance your car loan in order to convert it to Z10 or Z11 registration, Uber's preferred refinancing partners can help! 

Both Index Credit and UOB are stationed at our Partner Support Centre from Monday to Friday. Stop by and ask any questions face to face!    (8100 7338) or    (6424 6793)  (Jack - 9320 4001)