SMOVE Hourly Rentals

Earn great money at no cost with Smove and Uber!


Drive with Uber and SMOVE hourly rentals at no-cost to you! Try Uber commitment-free. With no deposit, no insurance or ACRA needed, all you need to do is sign up and start driving. 

With this deal, new Uber drivers receive:

  • Week One: 1 free week of free rent and petrol, courtesy of SMOVE (from the day you take your first trip, Mon to Mon, Thurs to Thurs etc.)
  • Week Two & Three: Earnings extravaganza with a special cash king - more at incentives

What is SMOVE?

SMOVE is an hourly car rental platform which allows ultimate flexibility with your driving experience – truly a fuss-free experience.

Benefits of SMOVE:

  • Free registration; all you need is your driver's license!
  • No deposit, no insurance, no ACRA needed.
  • Commercially insured Z10 vehicles all ready to drive with Uber.
  • Easy pick-up and return; multiple locations islandwide!
  • Easy use: unlock the car simply with your EZ-link card.

Get Started:

1. Upload your documents – Take photos of both the front and back of your NRIC and driver's licence and upload them on your account.

2. Once you're done uploading, SMS "FREE" (if renting a car) and "WEEK" (if using own car) to 86468538 and we'll activate your UBER account.

3. Sign up with SMOVE: Use promo code UBER1605.  SMOVE will review your documents and activate your account in a few hours. 

4. Start driving: Once your documents are approved by both Uber and SMOVE, we will notify you. Then you can book your slot on SMOVE! Promo rates will be applied automatically.

Terms and conditions:

  • Promotional period between Monday–Sunday, 7 days! 

  • Minimum booking of 4 hours with SMOVE.

  • Minimum booking of 3 hours with SMOVE when booking on weekday mornings from 6-845AM (excluding public holidays).

  • Maintain average of 1 trip/hour when driving with Uber.

  • Your first week's rental and fuel cost covered fully, courtesy of SMOVE.

  • Hirers must be at least 24 years old with 2 years of driving experience.


  • Visit us at UberHUB.

  • Call SMOVE on 6423 0068/Uber on 86468538 or email at


1. Can I rent anytime, or are there restrictions? 

There are no restrictions – rent from SMOVE any time you want. SMOVE has more than 200 cars to choose from in multiple locations islandwide – all available 24/7!

2. When will drivers get their payment after driving with Uber?

Each payment cycle begins on Monday at 4am and ends on the following Monday at 3:59am. Any trip that happens after will be paid in the next payment cycle.

You will receive your weekly consolidated earnings every Tuesday from SMOVE.

3. Are there trip requirements for this program?

To enjoy this free rental program, you must follow SMOVE's requirement, i.e. drive with Uber for an average 1 trip per hour.

4. What happens after the first week?

You may choose to continue driving with Uber in an SMOVE car at great low rates – as low as $4/hr off-peak on weekdays and $6/hr all weekend long.

5. Questions? Issues?

Contact us on Facebook at or SMS/Whatsapp us at 96395442.