Cash Rewards and Perks


$2,000 CASH  

Get ready for more money in your wallet! 

Starting December 1, Uber is offering you $2,000 cash – not credits – when you start driving with Uber using your own car! Getting commercial insurance and refinancing can be costly, so we're here to help make your drive with Uber smooth.

How do the cash incentives work?

The cash incentives are given to you depending on the number of trips you complete in four weeks – that means you can drive when you want and rest when you want! A single trip can earn you $500; earn up to $2,000 when you complete 200 trips in 4 weeks.

The $2,000 will be divided in three instalments as seen on the table above, and will usually be reflected in your statement the following week.

The weeks are counted immediately from your activation date.

That sounds great! How do I enjoy this offer? 

1. Visit our UberHub or

2. Alternatively, you can SMS or Whatsapp 9631 6709 to get in touch with one of our friendly representatives!


Other Perks

On top of earning $2,000, you get to enjoy:

How do I redeem these amazing perks?

Just show our vendors the exclusive in-app tiles and you will be able to enjoy the perks!

Watch our short video on how to get started with Uber!

Why Drive with Uber? 

Using your own car to drive Uber is the best way to turn your car from a depreciating asset into a money-making machine. 

  • Help cover the cost of vehicle financing, maintenance and insurance driving just a few hours a week. 
  • Be your own boss. Drive whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Make money in your free time. 

*Note: This incentive lasts until January 29, is only eligible for new partners on the Uber system and it has to be a new car plate number. For more info, please contact our staff at the UberHUB.