Uber Fuel Card, Powered by Esso

Receive up to 30% off at any Esso fuel station across Singapore! 

In partnership with Abecha-Esso, we are proud to offer the Esso Fuel Card! This gives you fuel discounts of up to 30% at Singapore's largest fuel station network, with more than 60 stations islandwide. 



Offer Details:

  • 18% upfront fuel discount for all Uber driver-partners
  • Up to 12% additional discount for Lion City Rental partners / private car owners

  • Applicable to all petrol and diesel fuel

  • No registration fee / annual subscription

  • Additional cash rebates for Citibank / OCBC Card holders

Additional Discounts - Up to 30% OFF
exclusively f
or our Lion City Rental partners and private car owners: 
Enjoy up to a further 12% discount (making it a total of up to 30% off) via a rebate depending on the no. trips completed in a week:

**Destination Trips included in weekly trip count. 

How to Get Your Fuel Card

1. Sign up HERE.

2. Register with your credit card / giro assignment.

In order to use the Fuel Card, you must register using your credit card (Citibank or OCBC) or via a GIRO arrangement. This is required and the discounted payment for fuel will automatically be charged to the registered card or GIRO.

3. Wait for Processing.

The application will take up to 14 days to process and your Fuel Card will be delivered to your address upon approval.

4. Enjoy your Uber Fuel Card.

Use the card immediately! No need to go up to the payment counter – just flash your card at the pump machine and your payments will be processed automatically, weekly.

In-Person Referral Program

Bring a driver-partner to apply for the Fuel Card at the UberHUB and get $10 NTUC Voucher.

*Maximum 5 lifetime referrals. 


For any issues with your Fuel Card delivery and discount, please contact Abecha-Esso at custcare_bc@abecha.com or 63331188. 

For any issues related to your rebate, please reach out online at help.uber.com or in person at the UberHUB. 

More Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.