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Partner with us for the opportunity to earn great money while enjoying a seamless, quality user experience turning hungry people into happy eaters!

Everyday Earnings Guarantee

Starting today, get on the road anytime between 11AM and 10PM, any day, WITHOUT having to schedule any hours, and we will give you great bonuses on every trip!

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WHY DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? This provides you with the flexibility to work anywhere while working on Uber as well! Just stay online during your other work - and complete a trip when offered, and voila, you just earned easy money! 

TOLLS: We will automatically cover the cost of tolls while you are on trip.

CONDITIONS: To be eligible for the hourly rate, we only ask that you (1) accept greater than 85% of orders and (2) stay in the service area when online (scroll down for more info).


Every trip has two components in it: (1) Base fare = $4 and (2) Distance/ KM component = 0.93/ KM. Every time you complete a trip, you will see a combination of the base and the distance fare.

That said, the per trip incentives will be over and above the hourly rates mentioned! 

NOTE: Your trip incentives will not be shown in the Uber Partner app immediately and instead will be calculated at the end of each week to be added to your total weekly payment.

PRO TIP: Our busiest time is 11.00AM-2.00PM. Make sure you work then to maximize your earnings. Top delivery partners earn $40+/hr during the lunchtime peaks!


Earn More By Referring Your Friends

Get paid extra when your friends sign up and get on the road quickly! 

  • Tell your friends to sign up to deliver using your unique invite code (go to your Partner app, select 'Earnings' at the bottom of the screen then select 'Invites' - look at the GIF here)
  • If they complete 50 trips, you will receive $100 per friend!

Sign Up Now To Enjoy A $50 Cash Reward

New riders who join us before the 31st of July get to enjoy a $50 cash incentive upon the completion of 20 trips.

*New riders need to complete 20 trips within 2 weeks to enjoy the $50 cash incentive.

How Do I Become a Delivery Partner?

Sign up here and attend an onboarding session.

WHERE: 50 Ubi Ave 3 Level 1, #01-12, 408866 (Frontier Building)

WHEN: 10AM-7PM | Monday to Friday

BRING: Nric, Motorbike license, Photo of license plate, Bank details for payment, Vehicle insurance document.

Don't forget to bring your friends to the onboarding sesions! Earn $100/friend when they complete their first 50 trips.

Furthermore, new riders who join us before the 31st of July get to enjoy a $50 cash incentive upon the completion of 20 trips.

*New riders need to complete 20 trips within 2 weeks to enjoy the $50 cash incentive.

What is Our Service Area?

Our current service area is marked by the black line in the map shown. Make sure you are only online when you are inside the service area - stay offline while you are traveling to/from the service area.

Where Should I Wait to Get The Most Deliveries?

Our technology automatically dispatches deliveries to the delivery partner who is closest to the restaurant. Our restaurants are concentrated in three main hotspots as marked in the map:

  1. Tanjong Pagar and CBD area: Suggest waiting at Maxwell Hawker Center or Telok Ayer Park
  2. Victoria Street: Suggest waiting on Middle Street
  3. Orchard: Suggest waiting on Cavenagh Road

What Are The Keys to Success on UberEATS?

UberEATS is a food delivery platform offering only the highest quality service, which involves:

  1. Completing deliveries in the shortest amount of time

  2. Ensuring meals are maintained in optimal condition, including keeping the temperature of the meal the same as when picked up at the restaurant

At the completion of each delivery, the eater has the option to rate (thumbs up/thumbs down) both the quality of your delivery service and the quality of the meal prepared by the restaurant. Make sure you are consistently rated thumbs up!

1. Completing Deliveries Quickly

Use the pick up instructions in the app to find the best place to park and wait at the restaurant. The ONLY way you can find the pick up instructions is if you use UBER MAPS. If you use Google Maps or WAZE then you will have to click back into the Uber app to find the pick up instructions.

Once you have received the food from the restaurant, make your way to the eater’s location using the most efficient route. If you are unsure of the eater's exact location, feel free to call them through the Uber app to confirm. When you reach the eater’s location, we suggest that you park your vehicle and hand over the order at the eater’s door. If you cannot reach the eater’s door, give them a call through the Uber Partner app to coordinate the pick-up.

2. Delivering a Tasty Meal


Uber has provided you with an insulated food delivery bag – make sure you have this with you at all times! The insulated food delivery bag ensures two things:

  • The food temperature is maintained

  • If the food spills, it avoids spillage and smells in or on your vehicle

If you are delivering on a motorbike, consider strapping your insulated food delivery backpack onto your motorbike as shown in the image.

Any questions? For all live delivery questions, call us at 800 852 6067 otherwise email us at eats@uber.com or go to help.uber.com