Navigating the App

Find out how you can navigate and use the app effectively!

How to use the app?

Here is a quick review on how you should go about using the app. You can refer to the GIF on the right and the video below for details on how to use the app.



How to complete an UberEATS trip?

When you receive an UberEATS trip request, the screen will say “UBEREATS” at the top:

Step 1: Accepting a trip

When you accept an UberEATS trip request, you will be directed towards the restaurant to pick up the food. When you arrive at the restaurant you will see the pick up instructions that guide you to the best place to wait.







Step 2: Pick up instructions

Note that you will only see these pick up instructions if you are using Uber maps. 

If you are using Google Maps or WAZE, then click back into the Uber app when you have arrived at the restaurant to see the pick up instructions.





accounted for?.png

Step 3: Verify items

When the restaurant is handing over the food, click on the “VERIFY ITEMS” button and you will see the following screen (See image to right)

We suggest that you verbally confirm with the restaurant the items on the “VERIFY ORDER” screen are in the bag that the restaurant is handing you. Once you have confirmed the order, click “YES” to confirm all items are accounted for.




Step 4: Starting the trip

Only when you verify the items in the App will you be able to swipe right to START TRIP. Once you have started the trip, you will be directed to the drop off location where the eater will be waiting.

Step 5: Ending the trip

End the UberEATS trip when you have handed over the order to the eater. Remember that the UberEATS fare is based on time and distance so you don’t want to miss out by ending the trip too early!



contact on trip.png

Want to contact someone on the trip?

There are three parties that you can contact during an UberEATS trip:

  1. The restaurant, before you have started the trip and if you have any issues with the PICK UP only. Restaurant = SENDER in the Contact section of the app.
  2. The eater, after you have started the trip and if you have any issues with the DROP OFF only. Eater = RECIPIENT in the Contact section of the app.
  3. UBER if you cannot contact the restaurant or the eater, you can contact Uber on the Uber hotline - 800 852 6067.

Who to contact if you are having issues with picking up the order?

  1. The Restaurant - they are responsible for preparing and having the order ready for you.
  2. Don’t bother calling the eater - preparing the order is out of their control!
  3. If you can’t get through to the restaurant contact Uber.

Who to contact if you are having issues with dropping off the order?

  1. The Eater - they are hungrily waiting for their order!
  2. Don’t bother calling the restaurant – finding the eater is out of their control!
  3. If you can’t get through to the eater, contact Uber.

How do you contact Uber?

  • The UberEATS hotline is 800 852 6067 – we suggest you save this number in your mobile.
  • Please note we will only answer questions about a LIVE UBEREATS TRIP.
  • For all other queries, please come down to our onboarding center at 50 Ubi Ave 3 Level 1, #01-12, 408866 (Frontier Building)