UberEATS for UberX Partners

Maximise your car’s usage and join UberEATS to deliver food!


UberEATS is a food delivery platform that allows eaters in Singapore to order food from a restaurant at the push of a button and have it delivered to their door.

Upon request, restaurants will start to prepare the order. Only when the order is READY will a delivery-partner be sent a request via the app to pick the order up from the restaurant. The delivery partner will then be directed to the eater's location to complete the order. 

Pick up a bag and get started right away!

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Everyday Earnings Guarantee

Get on the road anytime between 8AM and 10PM, any day, WITHOUT having to schedule any hours.

PEAK HOURS: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM | $7/trip + $4 (base fare)  +$0.93/km

NON PEAK HOURS: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM | $7/trip + $4 (base fare) + $0.93/km

TOLLS: You won't be charged for toll fees while delivering with UberEATS. 

CONDITIONS: To be eligible for the payment:

(1) accept orders ONLY when you have no UberX trips

(2) be in the service area when online


Every trip has two components in it: (1) Base fare = $4 and (2) Distance/ KM component = 0.93/ KM. After completing a trip, you will see a combination of the base and the distance fare.

Per trip incentives of $7/trip will be added over and above the hourly rates mentioned! 

NOTE: Your hourly rate payments and trip incentives will not be shown in the Uber Partner app immediately but instead, will be calculated at the end of each week to be added to your total weekly payment. 

PRO TIP: To maximise your earnings, go online during lunch time peak from 1.00AM - 2.00PM. Our top delivery partners do earn up to $25/hr during that time. 

Find out how to use the UberEATS App by clicking below!

Where is the Service Area?

The current service area is marked by the purple area in the map shown. Make sure you are only online when you are inside the service area - stay offline while you are traveling to/from the service area. 

Keys to making great money with UberEATS

Restaurant and eaters feedback that they appreciate delivery partners who provide high quality service including:

  • Completing the trip efficiently

  • Ensuring the meal is delivered in the same condition and is about the same temperature it was when the restaurant handed it over to you  

  • Being courteous and polite 

1. Completing a trip

You can use the pick up instructions in the app to find the best place to park / wait at the restaurant

These are only available on UBER MAPS (if you use Google Maps or WAZE then you will need to click back into the Uber app to find the pick up instructions)

Head to the eater's location after picking up the food from the restaurant with the Uber App. Upon reaching your destination, park your vehicle and hand the order over at the eater's door (only if the security allows you to do so!) Do give the eater a call through the Uber app to coordinate  the drop off if you are unable to reach them!

2. Delivering a tasty meal

It is recommended that you have an insulated food delivery bag with you at all times so as to ensure that:

  • The food temperature is maintained and

  • spillage is avoided

More questions?

To contact us, simply tap Help in the Uber Partner app and select your issue from the menu. Alternatively, you can also get in touch by visiting help.uber.com on your browser


Feel free to drop by our UberEats help desk at:

50 Ubi Ave 3 Level 1, #01-12, 408866 (Frontier Building)