UberENTREPRENEUR celebrates driver-partners who own businesses and drive with Uber at the same time. This is an initiative from the Uber Singapore Team to support our driver-partners in their everyday lives, and provide exclusive perks to benefit you and fellow driver-partners! Every month, some of our UberENTREPRENEURS' stories will be featured here, to see all of the deals offered by our partners, go to Partner Perks

If you own a business and like to be featured, go to t.uber.com/likeaboss

Meet our Entrepreneurs!


Siam Square Mookata

When UberENTREPRENEUR Jimmy Foo needed to make a career change, he decided to take a big risk that ultimately paid off. His first venture into the F&B business, Siam Square Mookata, serves affordable, authentic Thai mookata created by his Thai wife and a Thai business partner. Enjoy dishes from as low as $1.80 over three different levels of spicy homemade chilli sauce.

Soccer Academy

Driver-partner Khairil's hobbies include: playing soccer and driving. That's how Flybois FC Soccer Academy started – as Khairil's way of giving back his love for soccer to the society. The academy runs classes for children, manages the Merlion Youth League (U16/U18/U21) tournaments, and sells soccer equipment.


Get your car in tip-top shape with STEAMARTS. UberEntrepreneur Deon Lim's passion for the automotive has inspired him to start a business caring for cars, especially one that is catered to comprehensive cleaning packages.

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea, or more cheekily known as T.I.T., is run by Uber driver-partner. Quench your thirst in Singapore's everlasting heat with this Thai classic, or go for more experimental flavours like Bandung

The Minimalist Brand

Having been inspired by sleek, neat wallets in crowdfunder campaigns, UberENTREPRENEUR Alphonso decided to make one of his own. His company, The Minimalist Brand, now produces the perfect gift for your loved ones and your pockets.

You Cai Bak Kut Teh

Inspired by his parents' homely wonton mee stall at Bedok after early-morning Uber drives, Winson decided he'd make his dreams of owning his own hawker stall come true, with his father's bak kut teh recipe. Enjoy a steaming bowl of hearty Bak Kut Teh at You Cai Claypot BKT. 



UberENTREPRENEUR YeeLin started Woot-Woot as an answer to mass-produced home products. Woot-Woot's handcrafted bedsheets and baskets tell a story and also generates income for the stay-home moms creating them. Redecorating your house? Get Woot-Woot's lovingly handcrafted and unique household items today!