Upfront Fares


Introducing Upfront Fares

for uberX and uberPOOL


Starting August 31, Wednesday, we'll be introducing upfront fares for riders who request for uberX and uberPOOL in Singapore because it’s simpler for passengers and means more business for drivers. Riders use Uber more at the busiest times when they know the cost of a trip in advance.

What this means for our driver - partners:

  • Upfront pricing for riders does not change the way surge works. Prices will continue to vary when demand is high -- and you’ll still see the heat map in the Partner App with recommendations on where to get your next ride. At the end of each trip, you’ll get the amount paid by the rider, minus Uber’s service fee and any charges.

  • If rider changes destination or makes multiple stops, the system will calculate your fare based on the actual time and distance travelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Uber offer upfront prices to riders?

Based on tests in other cities, riders request more trips if they are offered an upfront price. In other cities like the US, trip requests increased even during surge times. This means more trips and higher fares for partners.

Q: How will you determine the upfront price?

A: We estimate the upfront price by considering a variety of factors that typically affect a fare, including surge, traffic, and tolls. We’re able to use past data to estimate the likely cost of the trip, and can present that price to a rider before they request. With upfront prices you cannot book a car without approving the cost beforehand.

Q: How do delays or traffic impact my fares?

Our upfront pricing and navigation take traffic and other incidents into account (based on millions of past completed trips). Our team will be reviewing trips and proactively adjusting driver-side fares.

Q: But does surge still exist?

A: Dynamic pricing still very much exists, just as it does for POOL. The upfront fare takes into account all the factors that typically affect a fare, including demand at that moment in time in that part of the city, traffic, the length of the journey and tolls. However, since the rider is given a price up front, the rider actually has more information about the cost. For example saying a trip will cost $10 provides more precise info to the rider than saying the trip fare is surging by 1.5x.

Q: What if a rider wants to change the destination or make multiple stops for UberX trip?

If a rider changes the destination or makes multiple stops for UberX, the fare calculation will switch to the normal time and distance calculation. Your earnings will still include any applicable surge. 

Q: What about trips with promos? 

Your fare will not be affected as you will still be paid the upfront fare as indicated to the rider. For example, if a ride costs $20 but the rider has a $10 promotion code, the rider will pay $10 but you will still receive the full fare amount (minus Uber's service fee and any charges). 

Q: What about POOL pricing? 

There will be no change on POOL pricing. Riders will continue to see upfront fares if they opt for an uberPOOL ride. 

Q. Which products will have upfront fares? 

Riders will see upfront fares on uberPOOL and uberX products only. We look to bring upfront fares to other products (UberEXEC, ExecLarge) in future. 

Q. What are the benefits of upfront fares?

Other cities that offer upfront pricing to riders have already seen significant increase of requests. In a nutshell, riders love this upfront pricing and they will request more. As a driver-partner, that simply means more trips and earnings for you. Be ready and accept more trips with this feature!

Any issues? Write to us at help.uber.com or from the help section of your app.